Improving Access To Best Practice Health Care In Underserved Communities

Looking to do your part in eliminating health disparities in childhood asthma? Read this article outlining effective solutions to this problem

Congratulations to Dr. Anna Volerman, ECHO-Chicago Complex Pediatric Asthma facilitator, who recently authored an article in Pediatrics discussing a comprehensive approach to asthma care as a solution for disparities in health outcomes. Although the rate of asthma in children has leveled out and may even have declined in recent years, there are still many disparities existing that affect outcomes. These disparities persist because of many factors including health care policies, health systems operations, and environmental factors. The good news is that there is a solution to addressing this significant issue.  Click on the image below to read the article and discover what you can do to address these disparities within your own community.


Check out Dr. Volerman’s interview in Science Life where she further discusses her article, the impact of this problem, and the solution in more detail by clicking on the image below.