Improving Access To Best Practice Health Care In Underserved Communities


ECHO-Chicago is now an authorized ECHO superhub – a site designated to provide training and support to sites who are interested in developing a local ECHO hub. ECHO hub training was previously done exclusively by the University of New Mexico, where the ECHO project began. The superhub idea was designed to aid in expanding the ECHO model and to reach the goal of touching 1 billion lives by 2025. As a superhub, ECHO-Chicago is now designated as one of 11 superhubs worldwide to conduct outreach and education on Project ECHO, recruit for hubs, train replication hubs, provide access to all ECHO resources and tools, provide support and quality assurance of replications, facilitate the sharing of resources among the community, share and protect the intellectual property of the ECHO Institute, and maintain appropriate use of ECHO logos and trademarks.


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